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SQL 5.19.3

Guide to implement ideas of pdf-document

New step in office technologies: Driven scene

Output from database in format of Window System vs. spatial constructors and OpenGL

Bringing DBMS in line with modern communication requirements - SQL:2011

SQL5 or SQL:2011 - driven scene, hierarchical data sets, distributed requests, full-value BLOB

Own concept vs. foreign, way first: scheme of screen is scheme of data

Path notation vs. CURSOR, Datalog, SQL/XML, and recursive SELECT

Distributed and ambient query

Compositions of refinement

Aggregates instead of recursion


Whole control for access

Make full text search controllable and usable

Why BLOB-field is under-field, and how to make it field



Change generation of storage system

Developed 'period'

Simple binarization of XML (document of other site)

Own concept vs. foreign, way second: client, moving around database scheme

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