Computer 2

SQL 5.19

SQL5 uses XPath and applies foreign keys implicitly, i.e. uses tree's model over rational model; performs query in several databases, including replicates several databases and provides peer-to-peer network for BLOBs; specifies right of access for each record, what makes some records invisibile for certain users; surrounds found match in full-text search by tags, extracts also necessary amounts of words before and after of the found match and surrounds them in other way; installs constraints 'not rift', 'not cross', 'sole' for an interval field within whole table; sends spatial data directly into Window System (e.g. X11) without OpenGL; and some others.

HTML 6.9

HTML6 is project of novations, allowing to write broken line from any to any HTML-element, to refer to place without attribute "id" and "name", to display table 3x100 of DBMS as table 10x10 of browser, to display hyper-cube as table, to hide and show HTML-elements. It proposes new control "picture" (attached graphic file is displayed in document), style for attribute to display its value. HTML6 enters new elements, which send data like form, but automatically: to browse column of database and to browse tree of database. And many others.